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IPES Payment Instructions

  1.  Upon completion of all contractual requirements, the contractor must submit a receiving report SF 1449 or a Material Inspection & Receiving Report Form DD250 for signature by a government representative.  You will need to submit your signed DD250 through your designated Project Manager, who will review, verify services and forward to the Contracting Office for processing. You can access the DD250s by clicking here:  
http://www.uscg.mil/forms/default.asp .

  2.   Contractors who are awarded GSA contracts must submit proof of shipment along with the DD250.

  3.  Contractors that have Shipping / Freight charges in excess of $100 must provide
DFAS with a copy of the paid freight bill, along with your DD250, in order for shipping / freight cost to be reimbursed. DFAS now requires supportive documentation for all shipping / freight charges that are included as a line item on your contract.  The documentation can be sent to DFAS as an attachment to your electronic invoice.

  4.  Contractor shall submit request for payment in accordance with DFARS Clause
252.232-7009, Electronic Submission of Payment Request.


  5.  Invoices must be submitted online via Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) at https://wawf.eb.mil/ using the Invoice Only option; and,

NOTE:  Web-Based Training for WAWF is also available at https://wawf.eb.mil/ .

  6.  Contractors if you need assistance with WAWF contact the at the followings numbers;

  7.  System problems and / or password problems the number is 1.866.618.5988.

  8.   For guidance, instructions or to walk thru a process call E-Commerce Support

  9.  You may check the status of your invoice once the required documentation has been submitted by logging on to My Invoice at https://myinvoice.csd.disa.mil/ or call DFAS at 800-756-4571.

10. If you have not received access to electronic invoicing by the completion of your contract you may be granted a one time waiver for electronic invoicing IAW DFARS 252,232.7003. You will need to contact this office to advise us of such.  If you do not notify us that a waiver is needed we will assume that you have access to electronic invoicing.

11.  Payment request will not be issued until both (1) the receiving report signed by an authorized government representative has been submitted and received; and (2) an invoice has been submitted and received by DFAS.

12.  If a DCMA office has been assigned as the Administrator of the contract, contact the DCMA representative for payment instructions.                                                                        top