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Vendor Performance System

What is the Automated Best Value System (ABVS)?

The Automated Best Value System (ABVS), formerly called the Automated Best Value Model, is a computerized system that collects a vendor’s existing past performance data and translates it into a numeric score. The contracting officer then uses the score as an additional evaluation factor when making best value award decisions .... learn more


Access ABVS Data

The ABVS Vendor Website has been shut down.



Important Notices, Updates and Changes

  • DLA LAND AND MARITIME 2012 “RECOGNITION FOR EXCELLENCE AWARDS” CRITERIA (NEW 2013) DLA Land and Maritime will continue its traditional recognition of contractors for their excellent performance as measured by the Automated Best Value System (ABVS). This year, each contractor's DSCC Center Score – from the Jan. 5, 2012 monthly update to the Jan. 5, 2013, monthly update – will be used to select "Recognition for Excellence Award" winners.  Plans for any presentation of these awards are currently under discussions.  Learn more about the criteria for awards selection by clicking the link above.


Sending ABVS Challenges via E-mail

Contractors are welcome to send ABVS challenges via e-mail. Please direct all such challenges to the appropriate supply center at the following addresses: